“Building a LEAN Culture” – 2018 MFG Summit Breakout Session

by | Mar 17, 2018 | Manufacturing, Regional News, Summit

“We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are” – Max Friar
Continuous improvement culture is an integral part to any successful organization in modern business times.  Building teams that are comfortable with change, seeking opportunities and acting cohesively toward common, documented and measured goals can create fantastic business results for any company.  But how do you build these teams?  How do you cope with resistance to change?  What leadership techniques can help you achieve success?
The “Building a Lean Culture” breakout session explored these topics, with feedback and dialogue directly from industry professionals who have had success in their businesses building lean cultures.  The breakout session was organized by Rob Summers (Vice-Chairman, GTAMC) and Matt Schwarze (Secretary, GTAMC).  On the panel were Matt Bulloch (President, TentCraft); Penny Challender (CFO/Owner, Hayes Manufacturing) and Roni Hazelton (VP, Fulfillment, Cherry Republic).  The panelists fielded unscripted questions from the audience on topics ranging from how to maintain process discipline, how to manage teams through change, and what the biggest challenges were in their journeys.  Questions generated insightful dialogue between the panelists and audience, to the benefit of all involved.
There is no doubt that the business landscape continues to increase in competitiveness. The GTAMC urges our local companies to find that fire, and pursue their own lean journey.  Finding new techniques to deliver your product or service faster, at higher quality levels, and at lower cost can help make any business stronger; and we believe that strong businesses are integral to having a strong local economy.

We would like to say thank-you to our Platinum sponsors for helping to make this possible:

Chemical Bank
Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC)
Skilled Manufacturing Inc.

We would also like to thank Ferris Coffee & Nut for the fantastic keynote along with all of the companies and individuals that contributed their time and expertise to our breakout sessions!

And finally, thanks to everyone attending for making this yet another successful event!

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