2018 MTA Prototype Review

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Manufacturing

The Prototype Review is an annual event that allows MTA senior projects to be presented to a team of professional reviewers for feedback on the initial prototypes.  The students will use the information during the final build stage before the NRC competition on April 11 – 14.

The idea is that the process happens in stages and students use each opportunity  to practice and make any needed adjustments on both their prototypes and presentations. Today was the presentation of working prototypes that will be modified and entered in competition.  At competition, teams will collect data on how the robot performs and prepare for the Math, Engineering, and Science Symposium.  At the symposium they will have formalized what’s gone right, what they would change, etc.- a full scale use of the PDCA process.

Math, Engineering, and Science Symposium is May 16 at Hagerty.  This is the final presentation to the public.

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