Hello GTAMC Members!  We’d like to introduce to you some work being done in the council, regarding MFG Day and the Career Investigator website being launched by Newton’s Road (read more about the website here: https://www.9and10news.com/2020/12/02/newtons-road-launches-career-website-for-students/).  Obviously our normal format for MFG Day this year was not going to be feasible, both from a student and host company standpoint.  The GTAMC board has elected to use our funds normally reserved for MFG Day costs to support the creation of a set of videos which will highlight our local manufacturing businesses and the careers they offer.  There are two sets of videos that we’d like to create:

Company Introduction

  • 5 minutes or less, supported by professional video editing if requested
  • Introduce your business
    • What do you make?
    • What’s the history of your company?
    • Where do your products go/who’s your customer?
    • What makes your company a great place to work?
    • What types of jobs are there at your company (floor and office)?
  • Will be used for the “company profiles” on the Career Investigator website
  • Can be kept by you for your own use as you like

Job Introductions

  • 1 minute or less, shot by phone/personal camera, in the work environment
  • A person in your organization introduces their career and their role in the organization
  • Introduce your job
    • What is your job?
    • How did you obtain the skills that got you here?
    • Why do you love what you do?
    • What makes your job important?
  • Will be used in the “Hear it from the Pros” pages for specific careers on the Career Investigator website

We believe that the creation of these videos will serve several purposes.  Firstly, they are a perfect fit for the Career Investigator website.  This tool will be used by many local students to explore career options in Northern Michigan, and our sector will compete against Healthcare, Construction trades, etc. for talent.  We want manufacturing careers to be the choice for these students, and therefore we’ll be working to ensure the career exploration website does an excellent job in communicating the local businesses and career opportunities.  Secondly, we will be offering to set up hosted sessions with classrooms to view some company introductions and job introduction videos, in lieu of the normal tours that students get to take.  We believe there is a need to meet the schools where they are during this year, which means we’re trying to introduce flexibility to connect with different classes at different times.  We may seek some manufacturing professionals to log in to these sessions for Q&A and to describe some details of the careers.

What we’re asking:

  • Please consider creating a company introduction video for your business.  If you are willing to do this please be in touch with either Rob Summers (rsummers@the-center.org) or Lisa Baker-Lorincz (lisa.baker@apteam.com).  We expect this to be an approximately 90 minute time commitment.
  • Please consider asking your employees to shoot some job introduction videos.  There are exciting people in each of your businesses which would do a great job in inspiring kids to pursue manufacturing careers.  The more of these we get the better, we’d love for kids to hear from multiple pros for different career types and see all the things we do in our area.  We expect this to be a 5-10 minute assignment for each video created.
  • Be available to host a student session if requested.  This would entail joining a video chat with a class group to discuss some of the career options and answer questions.  We expect this to be an approximately 1 hour time commitment, sometime between now and June.
  • Spread the word and promote the opportunity.  We are only offering professional editing services for GTAMC members, but will support new members if they’d like to join and take advantage.  We’re happy to coordinate loading job introduction videos from member or non-member companies.

We are excited to get this going, and to be able to supplement some of the ongoing activities to highlight local careers with this information.  Please connect with Rob Summers (Chair of the Board) at rsummers@the-center.org or Lisa Baker-Lorincz (Workforce Development Committee Chair) at lisa.baker@apteam.com with questions.

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