Your invitation to participate in the Northwest Lower Michigan 2022 Wage Survey is here. Thank you in advance for your participation in this important effort! A review of the project and details regarding your survey-taking experience follow.

Networks Northwest has collaborated with multiple business partners across the region to launch a Wage Survey for businesses within northwest lower Michigan. The survey is targeted to businesses of all sizes, within all industries, throughout the ten-county region. Survey development began in spring 2021, with input and feedback from numerous area stakeholders. The final survey is comprehensive and representative of a great regional effort.

This is the first regional wage survey for northern Michigan since 2013. Please take time to complete the survey and be a part of creating this important tool.

Your participation is essential to producing a final product which will serve as a valuable resource for your business and other area employers.

Participants will have the opportunity to join in a Networks Northwest presentation of final survey results via Zoom. All results will be available on the Networks Northwest website. As a THANK YOU for contributing to this effort, all survey participants will have the option to enter a random drawing for a $500 Visa Gift Card, two $250 TC Tourism Gift Cards, and two $100 Visa Gift Cards.

The survey is being administered by Networks Northwest.  You can rest assured that your feedback will be completely confidential. The survey can be completed in phases, but please be mindful of the complete by date, which is APRIL 1.

Below you will find a guide which outlines job families and job titles included in the survey. Your review of this guide prior to, and during completion of, the survey will help you to know how jobs within your business are classified within job families. Please note, within your company you can have several job families. For instance, you can be a Not-For-Profit industry and have positions in Executive Management, Finance, Sales, etc.

The survey asks for base starting wage per position/job title. Wage range is collected and reported under two categories: hourly and salary. It is suggested you use this guide as a reference and have wage data for each job title available before you begin the survey.

Wage Survey Guide

As you prepare to begin, please note the following: 

  • Only include positions within your company which are located in northern lower Michigan.
  • Pay information requested is base pay only.
  • If you feel that someone else within your organization is better equipped to complete the survey, you may forward the email invitation to that person. If your business should receive more than one survey invitation, please note that only one completed survey per company can be submitted.  
  • There should be only one survey per company, regardless of the number of work sites within northern lower Michigan. 

Important points regarding your survey-taking experience:

  • You can page back and forth throughout the survey. 
  • You do not manually save as you progress through the survey; data is saved automatically each time you select Next at the end of a page. You can sign in and out of the survey if you are unable to complete it in one session. Simply close the browser and, when you return, open the survey link – you will be returned to where you left off in the survey. 
  • You are able to forward this invitation to another person within your organization to complete the survey. Please note, however, that once the survey is started, it must be continued/completed from the same device and browser. Because of this, only one respondent should start and complete the survey. 
  • The time it takes to complete the survey is based on the size of your organization.
  • We ask that all completed surveys are submitted by APRIL 1.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Jessica Willis, Chief Program Officer, Networks Northwest, at

Thank you for participating.

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