The Career Investigator is designed for 8th-12th grade youth wishing to explore STEM-related careers in our region and to also be a useful tool for parents, counselors, and other youth mentors that support their career journey in many ways.

Members can email Barb with Newton’s Road the information for their Employer Profile using the template below. Businesses can also like them on LinkedIn and sign up for their monthly e-newsletter to follow their regional STEM career exploration highlights. Donations are not required to participate, but are very helpful in meeting matching grant requirements! Listed sponsorships on the site start at $250 annually.

Career Investigator Employer Profile Template

The target student audience for this platform is 8th-12th graders; please limit or explain industry or proprietary acronyms or terms, and make clear how you want to engage youth! You can view a sample employer profile: Promethiant

Missioncan use your mission statement with added context as needed.

About us: What you do as a business with a youth focus. Let them know if you support internships, job shadows, etc. Why do people like working at your company?

STEM CareersWhat STEM careers do hire? We will connect the careers we have in our database to your page. Current Manufacturing careers list is here and Technology here.

Contactname and title, email or phone as you prefer.

Logo: (prefer horizontal version if you have one, resolution designed for web use — not print)


MapDo you want us to show your location on a map view?


Websiteyou can choose a particular page of your website that might be of most interest to students.

Optional elements

Video: Do you have a short video about your company to explain your business and careers we can add to your employer profile? If yes, please send us the link or download information!

Career Events: Events your company may host/participate in so a student interested in working with you can connect more easily.

Partnerships: Describe any partnerships your organization has with career-related orgs, such as educational institutions or professional organizations.

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