For 36 years, GLTAAC has been working with import-impacted manufacturing firms in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana through the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program (TAAF). Our clients receive planning assistance, up to $75,000 in matching funds…. and results.

A January 2019 survey of GLTAAC’s established clients and recent TAAF graduates shows that they have increased sales, added jobs, and done better than others in their industry.

Scott Jacobs, GLTAAC Director, gives you the survey details
in his blog: GLTAAC Clients Outperform the Manufacturing Sector in 2018

Do you know a small to mid-sized manufacturer who is losing sales to import competition?  If so, you can help them get TAAF funding. Let the TAAF program be an ‘arrow in your quiver’ – just refer them to GLTAAC and we’ll do the rest. 

Contact GLTAAC Project Manager, Scott Phillips at 734-787-7509, or click below and let us know when we can call you.

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