The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC) is administering a grant to help companies who are seeking to invest in Industry 4.0 technologies.  Through the grant, companies may be reimbursed for labor costs related to the deployment of the technology.  This could cover things such as contracting with an equipment/system manufacturer to install the equipment or conduct initial training.  There is also the possibility to be reimbursed for engaging into services with our MMTC team to support the project.  Eligible companies will need to agree to complete the transformation planner document, and also receive an initial I-4.0 assessment.  Technologies of particular focus include deployment of robotics/automation, big data and internet enabled sensory systems.  Special consideration is given to smaller businesses who operate additional facilities in other states.  There are three phases defined for projects:

  • Phase 1 – Company completes transformation planner and receives an Industry 4.0 assessment from MMTC.  There is no charge to the company in this phase
  • Phase 2 – $22k in funding (maximum) available to cover labor related to creating a recommendation for target technology.  To progress in this phase a company must have a budget for implementation to cover hardware costs that may be incurred.
  • Phase 3 – Additional $53k (maximum) available to cover labor costs related to implementing targeted technology.
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