Guest Speakers from ERG Environmental Services

Terry Atkins and Karl Verity

ERG Environmental Services



ERG coverage area

Facilities in Livonia, MI, Bowling Green, OH, and Markham Ontario

Terry Atkins services North of Flint including UP


Basic overview of recommendations

Applications kill the virus for up to 6 days (foggers, hand towels, etc.)

Preventive maintenance weekly

Can dispatch “emergency” cleaning crew within 24 hrs


How is ERG taking care of parts (corrugated, plastics, metals, etc,)?

Depends on customer’s needs and expectations

Currently cleaning weekly (every 6 days)

Virus lives on Cardboard – 24 hrs, Stainless – 2-3 days, Plastics – 3 days

Recommend doing general cleaning before and after shifts


In the event that there’s an outbreak in a facility, what should be done?

ERG North has not had accounts with positive cases

Procedure doesn’t change, still sticking with weekly deep cleaning

ERG Southeast has had some cases

Detailed cleaning in office areas, high traffic, high touch areas

Using misters and foggers

Mostly cleaning is contained below 7′


What are some of the materials used to accomplish the cleaning?

Bleach and water for food grade (ratio of bleach to water is much lower when using in food grade application)

Approved disinfectants by the CDC

When dealing with food grade, EPA suggests wash down after using any chemicals (needed ratio of bleach to water to kill the virus is much higher, which is the reason for the wash down)


What are the requirements for the facility after a cleaning?  What’s the impact to the business?

Normally, would like the place empty while cleaning is taking place (people can be in other rooms, but prefer to have it empty)

After application, ERG suggests a 12-24 hour drying period to kill the virus (virus surrounded by a fat cell, which needs to be dissolved before the virus is killed).

Cleaning products set for 5 minutes, then 24 (ideal) drying period

Most cleaning is done over the weekend


What cleaning recommendations for intermittent cleaning between deep cleaning?

Disinfecting wipes (if available) are helpful to wipe down surfaces

When wearing gloves, it’s important to change them out after each contact (it’s almost better to not wear gloves if not familiar with the usage)

COVID stays on gloves longer than on skin

When possible try to keep employees 6′ apart, disinfect between shifts

Splitting shifts into teams to ensure continuity of business in the event someone from a team is contaminated


What other things (flu? Periodic cleaning? Other services?) can ERG do to support organizations?

Can disinfect seasonally for flu and other illnesses

Other environmental services offered

Hazardous, non hazardous waste disposal

Roll offs


Oil absorbent

Contaminated soils

Confined entry space cleaning


Parts washers

Recycle batteries (including Alkaline)

Household Hazardous Waste

Also can perform training for organizations

HAZWOPER (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response)

RCRA/D (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)

Regulatory Compliance

Fork Truck

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