General Topic: Recalling employees back to work (furloughed, laid off, etc.)

What have been your organization’s successes and challenges of recalling employees?

Response 1

Took about a week to get everyone back and organized, they received a letter letting them know they had been recalled, including next steps and what to expect as far as screening, procedures, etc. had been put in place.

The employee was required to respond (within 3-4 days) to ensure they had not abandoned the position and to avoid getting into a situation regarding unemployment fraud

Employer can submit a claim to unemployment to let them know the employee had been recalled (but didn’t want to get to that point)

Many employees were ready to get back to work, some had some anxiety/fear, childcare, health restrictions.

When someone had an issue, was it fear based or something else?  If it was not fear based, did they qualify for FMLA. if it was fear based, could they take PTO

Response 2

Pretty generous working with employees to come back, handled every situation on a case by case

If they didn’t qualify for any FMLA situations, they would need to use PTO

Best advice is to be transparent and keep employees informed.  Updated policy changes communicated as they came out.  Standard meeting every other week to keep everyone updated.

Response 3

We did not close, had to make the determination of who was critical/essential, and who could work from home

Most salary employees were working offsite, MS Teams has shown to be a good resource

Struggle right now is the new requirements in EO 2020-77, what you have to have in place with entrance of employees, health screening, distancing, etc.

Balancing the cost with the logistics of obtaining materials with enforcing the practices

How has EO 2020-77 affected your return to work plan?

Response 1

Classified as essential, so never had a shut down

Had proper safety measures in place, the most recent EO has required a lot of new policies, training, etc.

The struggle has been trying to implement that while remaining efficient

Response 2

We started screening under GT county’s order, worked with safety department to build online forms to screen employees prior to entrance to the building

Each of our locations has a central spot for the employee to fill out the form, checkpoint for temperature, name, ask health questions, logs in to the system, then they are on their way into work

Initially 20-30 minutes per employee, has now become part of the routine and takes much less time per employee (5 minutes)

Response 3

Tent outside, screening form, temperature, identified set of people to perform the screening, give them a mask, “unlock” their badge to grant them access to the building

How are you managing the temperature screenings?  Thermometers are hard to come by.

What PPE for people doing the screen?

Gloves, masks, face shields

What type of Thermometer?

Thermal scan, 1-3 cm from forehead

What is the timeline to implement EO 2020-77?

Response 1

Mi Safe Start Plan, restrictions in place until phase 6

Continuing to release different industries, but did not remove any restrictions from manufacturing or construction

Response 2

As long as the order has not expired or is in place, the restrictions will remain.  There is no timeline or expiration date on the restrictions, until the governor releases a follow-on EO

Operating under the assumption that the restrictions are in place until the governor says they are no longer in place

Has this dialogue helped clarify some questions from a previous conversation?

Response 1

Certainly helpful

Many recalled employees are in an “at risk” category, which protects them by the order

Recalling employees in phases, discovered the social distancing they are expecting is not happening on its own (employees not complying as expected).  Implementing mandatory face shields, and will keep that until a new EO comes out.

At what point is the employee considered abandoning their position?

Response 1

Our expectation was set, we needed to hear from them by a certain point. Made every attempt to get a hold of them.  Reverted to employee handbook (3 day no call no show policy).  Sent follow up letter assuming they had terminated their employment.

How have you managed the impact for any childcare situations you have for employees?

Response 1

We polled the org for employees with children under 12

Asked them to keep us updated on the individual situation and if/when it had changed

Response 2

Sent out form to employees to poll if employee is high risk, caring for someone who is high risk, childcare situations

After FMLA has expired, up to the discretion of the employer, dealing with situations on case by case

Response 3

Not a whole lot of issues with childcare, most employees with children have continued to work from home

Response 4

Majority have been able to work from home

Production employees, may have used some intermittent time to balance with spouse or other care taker

Is a concern the longer this goes on, employees will run out of PTO, FMLA benefits, etc.

Will need to adjust as information about summer camps is available

What other topics would you like to see discussed on this forum?

Still a lot of PPP funds (how to apply for the loan, how they are forgiven, etc.)

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